Wobbly Hobby Subbuteo Club


Wobbly Hobby Shop announces the new Wobbly Hobby Subbuteo Club. The club will be a pop up Casual Subbuteo Club, catering for all rules and styles of the game, which will tour Micro Pubs in Kent, England, with the first event to be announced soon. 

The Club will also join the FISTF World Tour from next year. We are already in advanced talks with over 10 UK based FISTF players to join the club from January 2022. Our hope is to field at least one team, possibly two, at every European Major and GP next year. With the change in WASPA rules allowing players to play for different clubs for WASPA and FISTF events, we see this as a great opportunity to give players who play for non travelling UK clubs the opportunity to gain valuable experience playing on the bigger European stage. 

The Wobbly Hobby Subbuteo Club are pleased to announce our line up for next years FISTF World Tour Team Events. We aim to send at least one team to every European FISTF Major and GP in 2022.

The Team
Alan Lee

Rudi Peterschinigg


Cayne Matthews & Ruby Matthews

Nick Pearson


Kevin James Cordell

Simon Goodman

Gerry Harrington

Joe Harrington